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Air Jordan Shoe – The Popularity! - momartin - 09-06-2022

It's unlikely that you haven't heard about Air Jordan if you enjoy smart footwear. The Air Jordan shoe brand, one of the most popular in the world, revolutionized both sports and fashion. When basketball great Michael Jordan teamed up with Nike in 1984, they projected that the first four years would bring 3 million in revenue. But cheers to the enthusiastic response to the Air Jordan I, which made its debut, Nike made its reputation in just the first year while hitting 126 million.

Nike uses all its branding tools to create the Air Jordan, which is no exception. Even though this shoe was first designed as a basketball shoe, Nike has started marketing it to several sub-demographics. For instance, wearing Air Jordans is common among those who are into skate fashion or culture. Therefore, it shouldn't be shocking if a skater friend purchases a pair of Jordans when they go shoe shopping. Visit us now https://www.demon-box.com/