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Guide to a successful Amazon Prime Day - seoexparte2022 - 09-07-2022

Prime Day has been celebrated for 7 years to recognize Amazon Prime members. Becoming one of the biggest online sales events of the year, along with Black Friday. This event is not only an opportunity to increase your sales on Amazon, but it's also a great time to build brand awareness. 71% of shoppers learn about new brands before Prime Day and 75% of them buy a product they discovered before Prime Day, according to a study by Kantar and Amazon Ads. As Amazon Ads Partners we have collected the best strategies to bring you the keys to a successful Prime Day: Before Prime Day Between 2 or 3 weeks prior to Prime Day is the ideal time to show the best of your products by promoting them through Amazon Ads. 

According to the study by Kantar and Amazon Ads those brands that created an. Amazon Ads promotion strategy for Prime Day before and during the event saw a 216% increase in awareness and a 214% increase in considerations. Focus your brand campaigns on those Saudi Arabia Phone Number audiences that are actively searching for products. This will help you get new potential customers, who will already recognize your brand and products when you apply promotions and offers to your products during Prime Day. And do not forget! Take advantage of these weeks to optimize your product listings, check the keywords and the audiences you have targeted so that you get the best results during Prime Day. on Prime Day The moment of truth arrives, Prime Day, during this event you must activate another style of campaigns more focused on maximizing the reach of the audiences that visited your ads during the "Before Prime Day" period. That's why you should create an Amazon Ads strategy based on your advertising products. What are these products? We tell you below.

[Image: Saudi.png]

Sponsored Products Show your products segmenting by those audiences that you have worked with previously. With this campaign style you can segment by keyword or product and the ads will appear in the purchase results and product detail pages, this will help give visibility to your products individually. Before you create your Sponsored Products campaigns, consider which products you want to promote, what your Prime Day budget is, what targeting you're going to use, what's the most appropriate bidding strategy, and what primary keywords you're going to use. Remember! In events that attract a high demand for purchases it is advisable to set a higher daily budget in the previous period in order to reach more potential customers. Sponsored Brands Prime Day is not just an event to highlight your individual products, it is also the perfect opportunity to introduce your brand to the millions of Amazon customers. With Sponsored Brands you can create customizable ads and manage it through cost per click.