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Google Tag Manager Whatsapp and Much More: See the New Features! - jeonkok - 09-10-2022

Google Tag Manager Whatsapp and much more: see the new features! We have several updates that, for sure, can help you get better results in your actions. See what's new! Integration with Google Tag Manager to optimize your pages Google  Tag Manager  is used to facilitate the management of Tags or javascript codes , aimed at sending information from a website to other systems. From now on, you can use GTM to customize your pages! If you create a  Landing Page , you can insert resources into it to improve the experience of the user who arrives on your page and, consequently, generate a higher conversion rate.

In addition to the previously available integrations other optimizations can be made to your pages: Chatbot : robots created to automate communication with the public, with the help of flowcharts. The chatbot considers the responses provided by the user to follow the interaction with him. Pop-up : it aims to Argentina Phone Number attract the attention of users who access your page, with some kind of message or even a form requesting some kind of information. Email validation: feature used to prevent filling out forms with invalid emails. If a user enters his email with an error, he will be notified and he will be able to adjust the filling. Online chat: facilitates public contact with your company.

[Image: ab-300x150.png]

What differentiates this option from the chatbot is that here the service is not performed by a bot. To make the service faster, pre-defined answers can be created for the most frequently asked questions. See our post to learn more Sends with forwarding to WhatsApp Do you already use WhatsApp to relate to your audience? The immediate exchange of messages can generate a feeling of greater proximity between the company and followers. Insert a redirect link to your  whatsapp in your email marketing sends and on the landing pages you create using any of our tools. In the social media interaction icon, select WhatsApp and enter your number (with DDI), in the highlighted bar: Learn to sell more with WhatsApp! New features for creating users New features for creating users.