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Property in Alanya - Dexter - 10-30-2022

Alanya is a very beautiful city in Turkey. The Mediterranean Sea, friendly locals, many interesting places that I have not had time to visit yet. Although I have been there hundreds of times and always want to go back again and again. The other day I thought, why not buy an apartment in Alanya? I think this would be a good idea. What do you think?

RE: Property in Alanya - frederon - 11-02-2022

And the thing is that when you go to Turkey on vacation, you want to devote more time to the sea and the beach. I also haven't seen many other sights of this country. Of course, if there is an opportunity to buy property in Alanya, then this must be done.

RE: Property in Alanya - KeyshawnKutch - 11-03-2022

Alanya is a resort city, and many dream to be there and then buy a house. Having a house near the sea, you can at any time be on the beach, sunbathing and swimming in the sea. And the views are beautiful. If you want to buy a house in Alanya, look here https://hayatestate.com/en/alanya there are some good options.

RE: Property in Alanya - Manohra1972 - 11-06-2022

it's a good idea to live great in Alanya! My friend applied to a real estate company in Alanya, but she herself did not know Turkish and she was deceived, and there are many such stories. Therefore, a dream is a dream, but if you decide to buy, just find it and talk to reliable realtors in Alanya. Good luck to you !!!

RE: Property in Alanya - frederon - 11-06-2022

As a rule, the prices for apartments in Alanya  https://hayatestate.com/en/alanya  are lower than the prices for villas. Unless, of course, we are talking about a penthouse or some kind of luxury housing. You can find quite a budget option for an apartment, especially if it is a secondary housing and it is located at a distance from the sea. In general, in Turkey the price is very dependent on the location of the object. But in general, the cost of an ordinary apartment will be significantly lower than an ordinary villa.

RE: Property in Alanya - bazila - 11-07-2022

When you buy an apartment in Alanya, this will be the most frequent question from your friends. And the answer is simple, of course, you will have a rest here and, possibly, work over time, because Turkey is perhaps the only country in the world that immediately grants property owners the right to obtain a residence permit.

RE: Property in Alanya - SaymanS - 11-09-2022

Yes, I agree. Alanya is very beautiful, I was there. And rented a house. Very comfortable. If I had the opportunity to stay there I would stay. And what I recommend you will not regret. You can contact the real estate company and consult with them.